Success Principles 4 & 5

Life Coaching – Success Principle #4 & 5

Quote “Napoleon Hill was reputed to have said “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” In fact, the mind is such a powerful instrument, it can deliver to you literally everything you want. But you must believe that what you want is possible.

You get what you expect

Neuropsychologists who study expectancy theory suggest that expecting a certain outcome (positive or negative) will result in corresponding behaviours that are directed toward that outcome (Kirch, 1999).

We spend our whole lives becoming conditioned. Through a lifetime’s worth of events, our brain learns what to expect next-whether it eventually happens that way or not. And because our brain expects something will happen a certain way, we often achieve exactly what we anticipate.

Here’s one student’s experience of life coaching

One student I was working with told me he came from a background where there was no expectation of achievement and he thought he would end up in trouble and on benefits and he was about to get what he expected after finishing school.

After we had completed Success Principle 3 which is called DECIDE WHAT YOU WANT, he decided he wanted to live and work abroad. He told me he had a sister in Australia. So, we talked about getting a part-time job, saving up for a passport and going to see his sister when the time was right. He said to me “Can you really do that?” Of course, I said, and in the longer term you might be able to stay there or travel elsewhere.

This is the joy of coaching the Success Principles

Many people, especially students, tell me that they think they will fail not because they lack the skills or aptitude to reach their goal but because they simply don’t believe they can reach it.

It helps to have someone else believe in you first

There I was at Havant & South Downs College when one of the students aged 16 said to me “My parents want me to go to University and learn Business but I want to go to Agricultural college and become a gardener, what should I do?” I said, “I believe you can do this, get a vision board and a plan together and talk to your parents”. The result was that her parents agreed. The student then emailed me and said “You’ve changed my life in one hour, thank you for believing in me!

If you believed anything was possible what would it be?

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