Why all busy mothers should listen to this podcast

I was exciting to be in conversation with the amazing Shannon Maitland recently.
Shannon is the CEO of ProblemSolvingPlus which is a coaching and consultancy organisation based in the US.
Many of Shannon’s clients are busy women and their biggest problems are the demands on their time, making it difficult to prioritize and manage time wisely.
So, to help us all she wrote a book called A Busy Woman’s Breakthrough: A straightforward guide to taking back your time and easing your stress.
To help all busy women and in particular Mom’s Shannon shows us how to identify our breakthrough goals and then take action on them.
Shannon shows us how to break down our days, weeks, and months by identifying priorities versus the things we think we must all do.
Her book is based on one of The Success Principles we use as Jack Canfield Trainers. 
The Success Principle we chat about in the podcast is called Success Principle 7 – Unleash the Power of Goal-Setting.
The Success Principles tend to change people’s lives and enable busy women to lead empowered lives instead of reactive one’s.
Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash